What is this about?

Holiday flair for your guests back home

You place high-quality displays in your holiday flats and hotel rooms. In return, you will be listed with us as a "Nordlust partner hotel", receive sales commission from sales through the displays and benefit from our reach at the same time.

Create synergies

2. Implementation

Profit from visitors to our website by displaying and recommending you as one of our partner hotels or partner holiday flats.

High quality & authentic

We provide you with the desired number of customised wooden displays, designed according to your wishes and provided with your own discount code.
You place these in your room.

You receive commission on every sale where your discount code is used.

In principle, any business that rents out holiday flats or hotel rooms can be listed as a Nordlust partner.

Based on a lot of data, we know that the average person at Nordlust is also the one who relaxes on holiday at the coast.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Please feel free to contact us directly by email at info@nordlust.net, by phone on +49 151 10588108 or fill out the contact form below.

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