The waves rush, the mild air smells of sea salt. Warm sand flickers under your feet, seagulls sing from the cloudless sky. On some days, the memory of your last seaside holiday is enough to escape the daily routine for a moment and recharge your batteries.

Inspired by the beauty of our North Sea coast, we have set ourselves the goal of sending you on a mental holiday with our maritime silver jewelry; because Nordlust is when 925 sterling silver becomes your individual holiday memory.

We know that no two holidays are the same. Some are drawn to the starfish in the cold water, others to the sandy beach in search of shells. Whether it's a water adventure or a relaxing holiday with a two-person evening in a beach chair: our variety of maritime jewelry makes the heart and holiday memory of every jewelry enthusiast beat.

Nothing is as beautiful as a holiday in the coastal region - not even the anticipation of it. Weeks before the trip begins, your thoughts turn to the well-deserved holiday, preparations are made, last-minute shopping is done and the travel bag is packed. But as soon as you arrive back home, the daily routine of work and obligations catches up with you. There is not even time to look at the holiday photos. With the task we set ourselves to preserve the euphoria of anticipation long after the holiday, we bring your maritime holiday memories home to you.

From over 80 individual pieces of jewelry, you have the opportunity to find exactly the maritime holiday memory you want, so that you can keep dreaming of the beach in the grey of everyday life - because the joy of looking forward is the greatest joy.

The pendants of our favourite motifs - starfish, cockle shell, beach chair or anchor - are made of high-quality 925 sterling silver, just like the rest of our range. In addition to our maritime silver pendants as necklaces, you can also find your favourite motif as bracelets, discreet ear studs or rings. The quality of our maritime silver and gold jewelry alone speaks for itself; high-quality materials and the detailed processing of our pieces of jewelry allow you to archive your individual holiday memories without any worries.

We are driven by our love of the sea. A love that connects us genuine islanders and city dwellers whose hearts are anchored on the coast. A love that must be preserved. We know that the preservation of maritime beauty is not a matter of course, which is why we want to contribute our share to global environmental protection.

With every order in our Nordlust shop, you remove one kilogram of plastic from the sea. Together with Pro-Ocean, we are working to make environmental protection more attractive in Southeast Asia and South America. Poverty and a poorly developed infrastructure ensure that millions of tonnes of plastic and microplastic end up in the world's oceans every year - a development that we proactively counteract. With your order, you contribute to giving people in the Philippines, Haiti, Brazil and Indonesia a fair wage for the necessary environmental protection, because a healthy world needs healthy oceans.

So if you want to become part of our mission "With good jewelry, do good together" and bring your maritime memory home to you, there is only one thing left for us to do: say thank you.

We look forward to making you dream of the coast every day.

Maritime jewellery that attracts everyone's attention!

Dive into the fascinating world of memories with our exclusive maritime jewellery that reminds you of the sea and the coast every day! With us, you will experience the perfect symbiosis of handmade, high-quality jewellery and the longing for unforgettable moments by the sea.

Our unique maritime jewellery is more than just an accessory - it is an awakening of memories of relaxed walks on the dyke, the calming sound of the waves and unforgettable holiday moments. As a lover of the sea and nautical style, you will be delighted by our hand-picked jewellery collections.

Maritime jewellery: Great selection in the best quality

In our coastal shop, you will discover a wide selection of maritime jewellery that impresses with its unique designs and high-quality workmanship. From pendants with symbolic motifs such as anchors, shells and seagulls to creative pearl earrings, we offer a variety that appeals to every maritime preference.

Maritime jewellery: show your connection to the sea

Our treasures turn your connection to the sea into a personal statement. Whether you are inspired by the majestic power of an anchor, prefer the delicate beauty of a shell or find the freedom of the ocean in a playful starfish - our maritime jewellery reflects your individual personality.

Dive into the magic of the sea breeze when you wear our jewellery. Each pendant, bracelet and necklace becomes a powerful symbol that you associate with the endless expanses of the sea. The gentle breeze will become your constant companion as you wear our maritime treasures.