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-1kg plastic per order

As true islanders, the sea is as important to us as the air we breathe. We associate the sea with feelings of freedom, relaxation and self-development.

That's why this project is a matter of the heart on our part. We are proud to be able to make a change together with you.

Through our commitment to creating unique pieces of jewellery, we strive not only to create aesthetic accessories, but also to deepen the bond with the sea and the islands. As true islanders, we are proud to share our love of the sea with the world while doing our part to protect the maritime environment. ⚓

-1KG ocean plastic

How to remove plastic from the sea with Nordlust

Together with the company Pro-Ocean, we donate the removal of 1kg of marine plastic per order.
We have already been able to salvage over 8 tonnes of plastic. Thank you! 🤍

Millions of tons of plastic and microplastics are added every year. So we need to find a way for new plastic to enter the oceans by reusing plastic that has been produced.

The bulk of the plastic that enters the sea sinks to the bottom, making salvage virtually impossible.

That means preventing the plastic from entering the sea in the first place - and doing so with awareness-raising and poverty alleviation in countries where lack of garbage collection is commonplace.

Pro Ocean pays the population suffering from poverty in Southeast Asia and South America. Collected in the Phillipines, Haiti, Brazil and Indonesia. On the one hand, a positive environmental impact, on the other hand, fair payment for the population living there.

Mentally on the coast 🌾

With our maritime jewellery and accessories, we want to awaken your longing for the sea and create unforgettable moments of connection with the coast. 🤍

Time for the sea

Together with you, we want to create something extraordinary. Dive in and become part of the crew! 🌾🌊

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