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B2B Marketing & Contact

We are looking for a dynamic team member for B2b Marketing who can

actively identify and acquire new dealer partners in order to expand our sales network. At the same time, you will be expected to maintain and strategically expand existing relationships with our dealer partners.

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Who is behind Nordlust?

One community

Our team currently has five dedicated members who are driving our company forward with their unique skills.

Anja is the organisational heart, always ready to coordinate and optimise everything. Yvonneour packaging expert, ensures that our products arrive safely and attractively to our customers. Leonie is in direct contact with our customers and offers first-class support and service.Nicko takes care of the planning and ensures that our stocks are reordered smoothly. And finally our founder Nic, who not only heads up marketing, but also drives the development of our products.

Together, we form a dynamic unit that stands up for our goals with passion and commitment.

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