NORDLUST® WAVE | Eau de Parfum - Nordlust®
NORDLUST® WAVE | Eau de Parfum - Nordlust®
NORDLUST® WAVE | Eau de Parfum - Nordlust®
NORDLUST® WAVE | Eau de Parfum - Nordlust®
NORDLUST® WAVE | Eau de Parfum - Nordlust®
Anja, Tina

NORDLUST® WAVE | Eau de Parfum

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Feel the sea in your everyday life, always and everywhere. 50ml pure love for the beach.

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Made in Barcelona
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We proudly present our perfume "Wave" - the fragrance for beach lovers.

Let yourself be carried away by the refreshing wave of these fragrance notes that capture the freshness and vibrancy of the sea. The 50ml bottle will be sent to you beautifully packaged.

Experience the magic of the sea in a perfume with WAVE.

The top note of "Wave" opens with a refreshing blend of Calabrian bergamot and aldehyde that captures the vibrant mood of an early morning by the ocean as the sun rises and the waves gently roll onto the shore.

At the heart of the fragrance a melange of honeydew melon, white jasmine and violet unfolds, creating a sensual connection to the seaside. These flavours are reminiscent of walks along the flower-fringed coastline.

The base note of "Wave" consists of soft musk notes, white amber and cashmere woods, which lend the fragrance a long-lasting depth and are reminiscent of the calming sound of evening waves on the beach.

WAVE is a fragrance unisex that is perfect for all those who love beach life and the magic of the sea. This fragrance is reminiscent of the endless coastline and the gentle sound of the waves, creating a feeling of being at home by the sea. With its refreshing and sensual aura, WAVE appeals to both men and women who appreciate the salty sea breeze and the sound of the waves.

A fragrance that makes the connection to the coast and the sea tangible for everyone.

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At home on the island of Borkum.🌊🙂

About Nordlust

We are a young company from the island of Borkum, which has set itself the task of reinventing and reinterpreting sea and beach jewellery.

Our inspiration comes from the sound of the waves and the special atmosphere of island life on Borkum. As true islanders, we incorporate this feeling and our dedication into every single piece of our jewellery.


How to remove plastic from the sea with Nordlust

Together with the company Pro-Ocean, we donate the removal of 1kg of marine plastic per order.
We have already been able to salvage over 8 tonnes of plastic. Thank you! 🤍

Our mission

Our goal is to inspire ocean lovers through unique, handcrafted jewellery & reflect the beauty of the coast in our creations.

With our designs, we strive to honour the connection to the ocean and its islands - each piece combines aesthetics with a love of the sea.

Time for the sea

Together with you, we want to create something extraordinary. Dive in and become part of the crew! 🌾🌊

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