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Always carry the beach, vacation and summer with you with jewelry that reminds you of great times. That's what Nordlust is all about.

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At home on an island in the North Sea.

About Nordlust

We are a young company from the island of Borkum, which has taken on the task of reinventing and interpreting sea & beach jewelry.

"Remember every day the beautiful moments on the beach & sea."


How to remove plastic from the sea with Nordlust

Together with the company Pro-Ocean, we donate the removal of 1kg of marine plastic per order.
We have already been able to salvage over 8 tonnes of plastic. Thank you! 🤍

Our mission

Our goal is to inspire ocean lovers through unique, handcrafted jewellery & reflect the beauty of the coast in our creations.

With our designs, we strive to honour the connection to the ocean and its islands - each piece combines aesthetics with a love of the sea.

Maritime jewellery that attracts everyone's attention!

Dive into the fascinating world of memories with our exclusive maritime jewellery that reminds you of the sea and the coast every day! With us, you will experience the perfect symbiosis of handmade, high-quality jewellery and the longing for unforgettable moments by the sea.

Our unique maritime jewellery is more than just an accessory - it is an awakening of memories of relaxed walks on the dyke, the calming sound of the waves and unforgettable holiday moments. As a lover of the sea and nautical style, you will be delighted by our hand-picked jewellery collections.

Maritime jewellery: Great selection in the best quality

In our coastal shop, you will discover a wide selection of maritime jewellery that impresses with its unique designs and high-quality workmanship. From pendants with symbolic motifs such as anchors, shells and seagulls to creative pearl earrings, we offer a variety that appeals to every maritime preference.

Our high-quality maritime jewellery not only promises a pleasant wearing experience, but is also a real eye-catcher in any situation. Whether casual for everyday wear or elegant for special occasions - our jewellery made from 925 sterling silver and 18k gold sets stylish accents and attracts attention.

Maritime jewellery: show your connection to the sea

Our treasures turn your connection to the sea into a personal statement. Whether you are inspired by the majestic power of an anchor, prefer the delicate beauty of a shell or find the freedom of the ocean in a playful starfish - our maritime jewellery reflects your individual personality.

Dive into the magic of the sea breeze when you wear our jewellery. Each pendant, bracelet and necklace becomes a powerful symbol that you associate with the endless expanses of the sea. The gentle breeze will become your constant companion as you wear our maritime treasures.

Time for the sea

Together with you, we want to create something extraordinary. Dive in and become part of the crew! 🌾🌊

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